Monday, September 8, 2008

WHERE have you been?!

Sorry for the lack of posts guys, but I haven't been feeling particularly creative lately.

I was going through some of my old work and I ran across an illustration that I had forgotten about and I think you all will like.  

A lot of my work in the early part of my education was like this.  Well, what I mean is, I wanted to emulate artist that I admired, Mucha being just one of them.  This turned out to be very educational, but not very fulfilling.  So, I started to steer clear of this kind of work later on.


Hannah said...

mmmmyes, early on i was rather green on this whole "art" thing, ohohoohohoho
JEEVES, fetch me some of my freshman paintings, i need to wipe my bottom with them
("very good, sir")

Anna said...

ohhhh coooooool! Its neat to see that you always had a strong sense of color! Very nice!

Also hannahs comment made me laugh out loud

Hannah said...

i aim to please

ulana said...

I always liked this one...